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The political sign in your neighbor’s front yard, the sermon you heard in church on Sunday, the Super Bowl commercial, the protest you learned about on the news, the tweet you read or the podcast you listened to on the way to work, all had one common objective – to influence you.

Our entire lives revolve around influence. Political types seek office so they can have the power to influence the change they want, advertisers seek to influence your buying behavior, preachers seek to influence your heart and even you as a parent seek to influence your children to clean up their rooms.

Many different words are used; such as control, motivate, persuade, inspire, convince, sway, stimulate, enthuse and many many more. But they all translate back to influence.

In Kent’s 40 year career he has studied, researched and proved and refined the art of influence. And in his creative way crafted the art of influence into a science rather than an art. Whether you’re standing at a pulpit, sitting in a boardroom, leaning on the water cooler, developing an ad campaign or running down the court, there is a formula that will govern your ability to influence those you wish to influence.

As an action verb – influence is a skill that can be learned! Great leaders follow the formula of leadership influence, whether they know it or not. Great marketers follow the formula of advertising influence, whether they know it or not. The principles of leadership and the principles of advertising can be learned, practiced and mastered. The sooner they are, the more effective and productive the leader’s or advertiser’s career will be. Skill comes from learning and following the formulas.

Accelerated Leadership Development

Leadership is no longer for old guys! There is no time to wait for life to eventually turn out an occasional great leader. Effective leadership is needed now. In his own creative and powerful way, Kent Merrell equips audiences with

  • the knowledge they need to recognize and utilize their leadership strengths
  • the ability to identify leadership weaknesses
  • a clear understanding how to turn leadership weaknesses into strengths

But it all comes down to making the leadership development actionable. In other words Kent not only imparts knowledge but that knowledge becomes immediately actionable, his audiences’ ability to influence change, improves as they implement the principles they learn.

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Creativity & Innovation – Ideas that Work

Being creative usually gives the impression to people, there are no boundaries, just wild ideas racing across a mountainside like a heard of wild horses. Yet when we’re done helping people understand the discipline it takes to catch those wild ideas, harness, tame and bridle them and put them to work productively, all without breaking their spirit – most of our audiences are excited to realize they too can enjoy riding one of those wild ideas.

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Discipline Of Direct - Formula for Marketing Success

Kent’s track record of marketing success demonstrates his ability to have every graphic, every image, every word work as a team to communicate an actionable message. Like each creative endeavor, discipline in following the right formula is the key to consistency and predictability. Having created and tested creative messages for companies across the country, Kent shares the proven formulas for creating and delivering marketing messages that influence customers stop by, drop in, return this card, call now, vote, click, visit, download, remember, act now, come by, feel understand, share, link, like, join, change and yes, even repent.

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